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PLEASE, DO NOT FEED the horses, the dogs, the cats, the llamas, or the pig.
If you don't own don't feed it.

The senior horses are on special diets.
Treats, hay, feed etc.. that is not on the menu can/will cause choke or colic because of their lack of teeth.

The dogs are on different diets but neither is supposed to
eat "people" food, excessive treats...etc..they get treats from us so please don't feed them.

The pig was diagnosed by the Vet as being "Morbidly obese"...she could barely walk because of her weight.
She is being fed twice a not feed her scraps, tv dinners, or anything else..please, for her health!

I have been getting complaints again that people are feeding treats to other boarders horses and ranch horses.
This issue has been brought up before.
If it doesn't stop then we will have to take more permanent measures to prevent it happening.
It causes dangerous situations at the gates and can lead to biting.

Again....If you don't own it...You don't feed it.

Thankyou for your makes life easier for us all.


SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2012 9AM TILL ...
Tack, furniture, clothing, household goods and more! Boarders are welcome and invited to set up a table or booth at the sale!
John and Jo will be the food vendors for the day so bring your appetites.


We are having a cookout at the Ranch on Saturday, May the 14th 2012 starting at 2PM.
We will have burgers and hotdogs on the grill...cold sodas...chips, dips, and something sweet.
Adults are welcome to bring adult beverages...a dish to pass would be appropriately Ooo'd and Aaahhh'd over.
Hopefully the weather is good and some trailriding can be done as well!
If it rains...we'll set up in the dome and hope the sound of the rain on the roof drowns out the cicadas.
See you then!!



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Verbal abuse by or against Staff, Boarders, or Visitors will not be tolerated. Yelling, name calling, harassment, and cursing will result in your being asked to leave Larkspur Ranch permanently.


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